More About U Aspire

We find that most medical practices are confused about what true digital marketing entails. Understandable, since digital is a commonly used word and can mean anything from Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Management. While we do both of those things, we are also a provider of programmatic display advertising. This means we are able to help practices brand like never before online. Here are just a few of the ways we do this:

Through Retargeting– We know consumers check out multiple sites before making a decision. This means they’ve likely visited your competition. You want them to circle back to your practice and you want to remind them that you are in fact an amazing choice! Once a potential patient visits your site, we are able to remind them and encourage them to visit again by serving them ads and messages when they are on other sites online.

Through Contextual And Search – So maybe a potential patient didn’t look for your directly. Maybe you didn’t show up when they were searching potential dentists, or cosmetic surgeons. By branding your message to consumers looking for services like yours, you are able to get in front of potential patients.

Through Native – Are you great about blogging? AWESOME! Through native marketing we can help you tell your story to more people. We know consumers don’t like to be sold, but they love to learn. Content is a great way to educate while building trust.

We have a variety of options available! From Spotify & Waze, to premium news. Now is a great time to take your practice digital. And guess what? It’s affordable! Want to know more? Email us at! We’ll set up a time to talk with you and walk you through the many options available. At the very least, you’ll understand more about how digital works for future use within your practice.

We have branding packages specifically for medical practices. Be where the patients are. Online!