Should I Hire A Social Media Consultant


You’ve likely come to the realization it’s important to be present on social media. Your practice may have a Facebook page, possibly even Twitter and Instagram, but you still feel overwhelmed by social media and don’t have the desire to do it yourself.  Do you hire someone to take it over? Consider this…

Social media is impactful because of the ability to inform, entertain, and share personality with the world. Carefully observe the personality of the potential consultant. Part of your brand is your personality. Anyone representing you to the masses needs to be somewhat like-minded, and full of creativity and charm.

Is there someone in your practice who could possibly be savvy enough to take the reigns? Before you spend money on someone from the “Outside”, is there someone “Inside” who would appreciate a bump in monthly income? With this, comes better accountability and direct access to the happenings in the office on a daily basis. Part of what makes social media impactful is showing personality. Who better to do that than someone in your own practice who’s present when share worthy moments happen.  There are plenty of training resources available online to help educate your chosen staff for example, UDEMY’S course on Social Media Strategy Made Simple For Small Businesses.

You’re giving private information to an outside source. Make sure they are trust worthy.  Asking for references is a must. You’re placing your brand in someone else’s hands.  Any professional social media consultant should be able to provide you with a list of 5 to 10 business references.

How will your social media contractor respond to patient posts? The positive posts are easy, and a savvy consultant will know just what to say. It’s the negative posts that are tricky. Medical practices have many obligations other businesses don’t. One wrong response can land your practice in some serious hot water.  All posts should receive a response, but it’s probably best the responses to negative posts be written by you, or someone in your practice with exceptional understanding of HIPPA and regulations.

Will a social media consultant bring my practice a solid return? This is the gazillion dollar question. The answer depends on multiple factors, and they’re unique to every practice. Before tuning out because that response didn’t help much, know this.  Social media is part of your brand. In today’s world there’s no escaping the fact potential patients are learning about practitioners online. Therefore you need validation. The more you show up, the more potential patients you’re likely to attract. Ultimately content is king.  I believe social media is part of the personality of a practice. (Clearly, since I’ve said that at least 3x’s in this article).  It’s hard to define the “Return” a practice receives because for every practice it’s different, and consumer behavior is ever changing. You may run a special across your platforms that get’s traction, or have an elective procedure booked based on educational information found on social media.  In today’s world you have to be social. Determining whether or not a consultant brings a return really comes down to their knowledge of creative content and sales.

By Laura Bryant, Marketer And Host Of The Modern Medical Marketing Podcast, And Chief Content Officer For U Aspire Marketing

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