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If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube then you’ve most likely encountered a pre-roll ad. Pre-roll ads are commercials, generally 10, 15 or 30 seconds in length, that play or “roll” just before your requested online video content is viewable.

Here’s an example: You’re surfing online, and you come across the top news headline for the day.  Just for grins let’s say it’s, “Washington Redskins Win The Game!”  Accompanied with the article is a link to watch a highlight video from the game. You click to watch BUT BEFORE you can watch the video you have to watch a short ad.  This is a pre-roll ad.   The majority of these ads have the option to skip immediately, skip after a few seconds or alternatively, hold your highlight video ransom until you watch the commercial in its entirety.

It’s important to know a few key items when thinking of advertising in this space.

Make your creative message count. The ad you run as a pre-roll ad should capture the audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds. Especially if the desired material can be skipped after only a few seconds of your video playing.  It has to be compelling enough to make the consumer want to continue to learn more about your services.

Ask your vendor if your ad is a forced viewed ad or if the customer can skip the ad. Forced Viewed is when the viewer must see your content before moving forward onto their desired video. If the consumer can skip without ever watching your ad, you will want to consider the probability of your video getting solid visibility.

Some vendors offer companion static ads that run alongside your pre-roll. Ask your vendor if that is available to you.

Make sure you’re targeting the right audience and that it’s being placed in the right environment to reach your consumer both demographically and geographically.

As with any marketing, be sure to ask the vendor as many questions as possible about placement and time spent viewing. It will be important to review all post campaign analytics, as they will give you solid insight about the impact of your content.

By Heather Parker, CEO Of Rainmaker Advertising And IAB Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

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