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Getting Your Print Ad Noticed

Print advertising has certainly seen better days.  However, I do recognize based on where you live, and what you offer there are times when print can work. I don’t read the newspaper. I haven’t read an actual newspaper in years. So do I ever read a printed publication? YES! I’m a fan of fashion magazines and local lifestyle publications. In cities such as LA, New York, Denver, DC and Boston, local lifestyle pubs still have appeal with the upwardly mobile, society driven reader.  So in totality print isn’t exactly dead, as it is evolving.

If you are considering placing print advertisement, make it good.  In order for your ad to be effective you have to appeal to the reader.  Does your advertisement portray a lifestyle or touch on a need or evoke emotion? Or does it simply state your name and where you are located?

NEVER JUST state your name and location. If you’re putting a photo, with your logo and location you’re wasting time, money, and space.  Readers only care about why what you offer matters to them.

Follow these basic rules and get noticed:

Stay away from stock photos. Stock photos don’t give a true representation of who you are. Potential clients are looking to discover who you are. Keep in real in your ads.

Hire a PROFFESSIONAL photographer! I can’t stress this point enough. A picture is worth a thousand words and often thousands of dollars. Consumers are drawn to images. Think of instagram and pintrest. Both are successful not because they have long drawn out verbiage, but because they offer photo rich content.  Your photos will stretch far beyond the needs of your print ads into all channels of your marketing

Keep it simple! This is a reoccurring theme I tell every client. Use photos to tell your story. This is where your editorial hat will come in handy. Think like a magazine trying to keep a readers interest peaked. Have clean, modern text. I am partial to white text over photos. It gives a sleek, upscale feel.

Dare to be different. I recently met with a young man who had recently stepped into his role as “Marketing Manager”. The first thing he did was to replace the former advertising with new upside down ads. The promo code was of course “Upside down”. Needless to say he did quite well out of the gate. No you don’t have to put your ads upside down, but recognizing the status quo won’t get you noticed is vital. Go out on a limb and try something daring.

Stick with the vibe of the publication. Remember your ad is less about you and more about the person viewing.

By Laura Bryant, Marketer And Host Of The Modern Medical Marketing Podcast, And Chief Content Officer For U Aspire Marketing

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