Successful Physician AND Business Owner-


One of the biggest challenges for doctors in private practice is bridging the gap between caregiver and business owner. Setting-aside the concerns about insurance and licensure requirements, there is so much else to take into account in order to ensure success in private practice. It is a delicate balancing act to be both the care provider and the business manager, and those who experience the highest level of success and satisfaction work with a trusted advisor, mentor or coach.  Having an unbiased sounding board to help set a clear vision and better strategize and stay on track will reach beyond the head of practice; it extends all the way to your patients and the people they refer to you.

This may beg the question of “how” to bridge the gap and wear so many hats while maintaining some semblance of sanity (and how about a lifestyle as well?) There are many schools of thought on how to do this, and working with an executive coach will help you to achieve clarity about your overall personal and professional desires and goals – what you really want. Once you have established your vision of success, you will begin to dive-in to the work of setting clear, achievable targets, and the action steps to reach them. During your coaching sessions, you will identify potential roadblocks and devise plans to work around them. In addition to your action plans, you will have real-time, unwavering support every step of the way. You will find yourself stretched, challenged, supported and encouraged in ways you have likely never experienced.

You can set personalized and specific desired outcomes for your coaching program, and you will achieve above and beyond those goals, and delight in so much more, including an exquisite feeling of success and contentment.

What are some other outcomes can you expect from working with your personal coach?

For the Doctor

Greater command of time and energy

Method and systems to more easily delegate business tasks (develop trust of self and others)

Personal and professional goal setting and action plans

Strategy for business development and future planning

Communication skills and scripts to inspire and motivate support team

Overcome the frazzled, over-worked doctor narrative

For the Staff

A feeling of trust and value as a contributor

More productive, goal-oriented and connected to the overall success of the practice

Ownership of the role they play in the success of the business

For the Patients

Relaxed and confident in the staff and doctors

An intuitive sense that the practice is organized and well-managed

Comfortable and generous in sending referrals

These are just a small sample set of the numerous positive results of coaching. Every individual will experience coaching differently, and success is ultimately up to you. Coaching is one of the most beautiful and promising investments and commitments you can make in yourself, and working with the right coach will far exceed your expectations of success and fulfillment.


By Tracy L. Cherpeski, MBA, MA, CPSC. Tracy is a Corporate Wellness Expert and Executive Coach to entrepreneurs.

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