Billboard Advertising: The Long And Short On What You Should And Shouldn’t Say…

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Billboard Advertising: The Long And Short On What You Should And Shouldn’t Say…

Let’s do a quick mental exercise. Close your eyes and think of 3 billboards you’ve seen recently.  Once you have your top 3 in mind I want you to write down anything you remember.

As you contemplate billboard for your practice keep the following rules in mind:

  1. Use five to six words or less. No one has time to read a novel especially at a steady 70 MPH. Let images do the talking.
  1. Humor is preferred, and will garner the most attention. It’s also more memorable. Sometimes medical practices shy away from humor, but humor creates comfort and can ease potential nervous patients. It also shows you have personality and new patients gravitate toward personality.
  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Pick a billboard in a high traffic area, and one that lends itself to rush hour waits.
  1. Stay away from boring or generic photos. Pick images that captivate quickly.  Before deciding on your creative, do a small test with friends and staff using a photo only and asking what that photo immediately brings to mind.
  1. Evoke emotion! Playing it safe by putting a photo of the doctor or staff rarely gets a response. New patients care more about WHY what you offer matters to them. Touch on something that is a need or concern.
  1. Patients care less about procedure names and more about their needs. I’ve seen multiple practices crash and burn on billboard because they marketed the name of a particular procedure. Chances are the everyday consumer had no idea how that procedure could remedy an issue they deal with daily. Had the billboard addressed that particular concern it would have been far more effective.


Billboard advertising can be a costly portion of your budget with prices in medium sized markets averaging $3,000 per month. In large markets select billboard locations could run a practice anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 monthly.  Compare the cost of billboard to the number of new patients or procedures needed to break even or gain a return. For elective procedures there’s often a break even of one procedure, which makes this medium a solid choice.

Your success on billboard is dependent on content and quality. If you fail to place content that’s meaningful your billboard marketing will be ineffective no matter how good the location, or how many people see it daily.

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By Laura Bryant, Marketer And Host Of The Modern Medical Marketing Podcast, And Chief Content Officer For U Aspire Marketing




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